Name Uther Squarefoot

Uther Boarshead

Appearance Pig-like head with large curling tusks. Thirteen feet tall.
Race Jack-in-irons
Title -----
Family -----
Age ------
Nicknames -----
Court Exile
Status Alive
Book(s) A Kiss of Shadows

Divine Misdemeanors
A Shiver of Light

Uther Squarefoot is one of the employees of The Grey Detective Agency.  Uther typically provides muscle for bodyguard or "babysitting" gigs.  He spent time with a Hollywood speech coach to overcome the difficulties of speaking with large tusks in his mouth; Meredith claims that he sounds like a "Midwestern college professor."

Uther's surnameEdit

Uther's surname is Squarefoot in A Kiss of Shadows and A Shiver of Light. In Divine Misdemeanors he introduces himself as Uther Boarshead.