Name Usna
Appearance slender; eyes: nondescript shade of grey; "calico" hair - copper-red, patent leather black and snow white; his hair never grow past his hips
Race Sidhe
Gender Male
Title Raven
Family mother

Status ||

Court Seelie (banished)


Book(s) Seduced by Moonlight

A Stroke of Midnight
A Lick of Frost
Divine Misdemeanors
A Shiver of Light

Usna was one of the Queen's Ravens. Usna rarely sat in a chair; he reclined, curled, slumped, but rarely sat. He moved like wind, like shadow, like something more like air than flesh, he was more graceful than even the most graceful sidhe.

He was described as being slender to the point of being almost effeminate, with large, lustrous grey eyes, and calico patch hair. His mother had been made pregnant by another sidhe's husband, and when the wronged lady discovered her, she changed her into a cat. The sidhe woman in cat form gave birth to Usna.

After Usna grew to manhood, he restored his mother's true form, and then assassinated the sidhe who had cursed her. A crime for which he was banished from the Seelie court, because he had the bad luck to have assassinated the kings current mistress. He fled to the Unseelie court where he joined the Queen's Ravens.

He still met his mother for picnics, when he could, where they would catch up and talk about their respective courts.


He was sent to Merry by the queen to see if the ring of fertility reacted to him - the reaction nearly buckled Merry's knees.

When Merry returned to Los Angeles after conceiving her children, Usna took a lover from among the female guards. When the Queen demanded he be sent to her for punishment to make and example of him. His lover, Cathbodua, stepped forward and revealed that she was with child and Usna was the father, making it impossible for Andais to separate them to punish him.