Uar the Cruel
Name Uar
Appearance tall (head and shoulders above most of the people); muscular; fair face; blue within blue circles in eyes; hair: golden waves (in A Kiss of Shadows), red - Sidhe-scarlet (in Swallowing Darkness)
Race Sidhe
Gender Male
Title the Cruel
Family Taranis (brother)

three sons
Hettie (ex-wife)
Besaba (daughter)
Eluned (daughter)
Meredith Gentry (granddaughter)
Cair (granddaughter)

Book(s) A Kiss of Shadows (talked about)

Seduced by Moonlight (mentioned)
Swallowing Darkness (in person)
Divine Misdemeanors (mentioned)
A Shiver of Light (mentioned)

Status Alive

Uar is a member of the Seelie Court, a sidhe, brother of King Taranis, grandfather of Meredith Gentry.

A Kiss of ShadowsEdit

Meredith tells Doyle Uar's story to distract him on the plane. Doyle claims Uar is a great warrior, making Meredith realize Doyle and Uar must have fought against each other in wars in Europe.

Uar sired three sons who were considered monsters among the fey (poison dripped from their fingers), so no fey woman would bed him anymore. Uar was told that the curse on him could be broken if a willing fey would bed him and gives him a child. Hettie was willing to try since she wanted to be part of the Seelie Court. She gave him twin daughters - Besaba and Eluned, therefore, she became Uar's wife. The curse was broken and Meredith believes Uar never slept with his wife again. Instead he beat her, hoping she would agree to a divorce. Hettie agreed only after Meredith fled to her exile in Los Angeles, three years before the beginning of the novel. Meredith wonders if Hettie has granted Uar his divorce in exchange for him talking to Queen Andais on Meredith's behalf (to let her go), but Hettie denies it.

When she visits her grandmother Hettie, Merry discusses her grandfather with her. There's a photo in the room on display of Hettie and Uar together.

Seduced by MoonlightEdit

Uar is mentioned by Frost when explaining Meredith that Seelie sidhe look down on bedding non-sidhe.

Swallowing DarknessEdit

Uar is present in the throne room when Meredith arrives with the wild hunt and proclaims Cair a kinslayer. He is standing near Taranis, but doesn't shield him. Desperate Cair asks Uar to help her, however, he refuses since the hunt can't be stopped and he does't think Cair is worth it. He never mentions Hettie. Uar salutes Merry when she is leaving the Seelie Court.

Divine MisdemeanorsEdit

Uar is mentioned by Ivi as a member of Meredith's family who was always cruel (his cruelty is not caused by becoming insane).

A Shiver of LightEdit

Uar is part of myth and folklore, according to Agent Cooper, a human.