The hand of flesh is a hand of power that allows the wielder to turn his/her opponent inside out. The wielder needs to touch the opponent in order to use the hand of power. When used to its full extent, the opponent basically turns to a ball of meat with the organs visible. Since fey are immortal, they can live on as that ball of flesh.

The sword Aben-dul enables the wielder of the Hand of Flesh to use the power from distance without the need to touch the opponent.

Known wieldersEdit

Known victimsEdit

  • a giant (turned by Essus)
  • a male enemy of Queen Andais (turned by Essus), still lives as a ball of flesh in Queen Andais' possession
  • Nerys the Grey (turned by Meredith), killed by Meredith
  • Pasco and Rozenwyn (turned by Meredith), killed by Rhys
  • Siobhan (turned by Meredith), killed by explosion
  • Conri (turned by Meredith), fate unknown
  • Cel (Meredith), killed by combined use of the hand of flesh and the hand of blood
  • Taranis (turned by Meredith), only one hand turned, still lives, now imperfect