Name Teresa
Appearance A slender African American with long black hair, slightly pointed ears, and pale brown skin. Five feet ten inches.
Race Human, sidhe, fey
Title -----
Family Ray (husband)
Age -----
Nicknames -----
Court None
Status Alive
Teresa is a powerful human psychic with fey ancestry employed by The Grey Detective Agency.  She is also a touch clairvoyant and often able to discern if a person is lying.  During her years of hiding, Meredith has always been wary of getting close to Teresa and the psychic accidentally discovering Merry's true identity.

A Kiss of ShadowsEdit

Teresa is present in the office when Naomi Phelps and Frances Norton tell their story after Meredith and Jeremy Grey decide to take their case.

A Caress of TwilightEdit

The Grey Detective Agency has been invited to murder case by Detective Lucy Tate. Teresa touches lipstick one of the victims was about to apply just before she died and starts suffocating. Only paramedics being present at the scene save her from dying. Jeremy Grey goes to hospital with her afterwards. She is to stay there overnight. Her husband yells at Jeremy and tells him he doesn't want Teresa doing crime scenes anymore.

After being discharged from hospital, Theresa goes to police station and gives statement about what she saw at the murder scene, but Lieutenant Peterson comes in and throws her statement report into rubbish bin in front of Teresa. Her husband Ray is furious about it, but Teresa gets him out before he can assault any police officer.