Segna the Gold
Name Segna
Appearance taller than Merry; huge beaked nose; small yellow eyes; skin the color of yellowed snow; shoulder-length hair like black straw; claws
Race Night-hag
Gender Female
Title the Gold
Family Black Agnes (sister)

Nerys the Grey (sister)

Court Sluagh
Status Deceased

Segna the Gold is one of the night-hags sisters, a member of the Sluagh and a lover of King Sholto.

A Kiss of ShadowsEdit

Segna was one of the Sluagh who accompany Sholto to Los Angeles when he was sent to kill Princess Meredith.

Along with her sisters and Gethin, she managed to corner Meredith. The Princess shot Segna when the night hags tried to rush her. Sholto was rather cold to the hags, claiming Segna wouldn't be shot if she didn't try to attack Meredith, but he ordered Gethin to help the hags to get Segna to their rooms.

When Meredith tried to flee the hotel after using her Hand of Flesh on Nerys, Segna was sitting downstairs in the hotel lobby.

Mistral's KissEdit

Meredith accidentally went through a conjured door to the Sluagh sithen, and arrived in the dead garden of the Sluagh.She was there confronted by Sholto, King of the Sluagh, and Lord of That Which Passes Between, and his two night hags, Agnes and Segna. Meredith discovered that Sholto’s tentacles have been cut off by Seelie attackers. The hags believed that Meredith was part of the conspiracy against their king.

Segna attacked Meredith, but Sholto struck her and threw her into the dead lake, where is she was speared by the enchanted bones of the dead. Segna was mortally wounded. Sholto and Meredith wade into the lake to give mercy to Segna, but in a last-ditch attempt to kill Meredith, Segna pulled her under the water. Meredith used her Hand of Blood to kill Segna.

It was revealed that the feelings of the king towards Segna were stronger than those he had for Nerys, maybe even a kind of love.