Name Rosmerta
Appearance gold tinted skin; dark gold hair; tricolored gold eyes
Race Sidhe
Gender Female
Title Dame Rosmerta; Duchess Rosmerta
Court Seelie Court
Family --
Status Alive
Book(s) A Caress of Twilight
Rosmerta is a sidhe member of the Seelie Court and acts as Taranis' main personal secretary. All the important invitation go through her.

A Caress of TwilightEdit

Rosmerta contacts Meredith via mirror after Meredith refused Hedwick's rude invitation to Seelie Yule ball. Meredith makes it clear that she must attend the Unseelie one and Rosmerta understands.

After that she contacts Meredith again inviting her to a ball in her honour days before the Yule ball. When Rosmerta can't explain why Taranis wants to see Meredith to visit his court before the Yule claiming that only the king knows, Meredith calmly asks her to put him through, which surprises the Dame. She promises to tell the king Meredith wishes to talk to him and suggests Meredith (at the time naked in bed with Rhys and Nicca) she makes herself presentable to the king.

When she curtsied before Meredith, Meredith left her in curtsy too long, at first forgetting she needs to give permission to her to raise from it.