Name Roane Finn
Appearance Huge brown eyes, dark auburn hair down to his collar, white skin with a touch of red-brown, red, bow shaped lips. Five feet tall.
Race Selkie
Gender Male
Title -
Family -

Roane was Meredith Gentry's boyfriend while Meredith was still incognito, hiding in Los Angeles.  Roane is a roane or selkie, a fey able to transform into both a seal and into a man.  Roane lost his ability to transform when his sealskin was burnt by a fisherman, leaving him trapped as a man, and his back and shoulders covered in burn scars.  Roane's survival of the loss of his sealskin was considered unusual as most roane do not survive the loss.  

Roane and Merry had been together for two years at the time A Kiss of Shadows took place.  Merry knew that she would always take second place in his heart, he loved the sea above all else.

When she lost control of her glamour that let others believe she was simply a human with fey blood, due to the effects of Branwyn's Tears, and she was exposed as a sidhe, Roane finally discovered her true identity.  He covered himself in Branwyn's Tears to be sidhe for Merry for the night.  

Through the power raised by their lovemaking, Roane was healed, and his sealskin was restored  to him.

Roane bowed out of Merry's life at the end of the book.