Name Ringo
Appearance Heavily muscled, with brown skin, long arms and an elongated jaw full of sharp inhuman teeth.
Race Human, fey
Gender Male
Title -
Family Amira (daughter)

unnamed wife and two other children

Age -
Nicknames -
Court None
Status Alive
Ringo was employed by The Grey Detective Agency.  

Once, Ringo had been fully human.  A member of a street gang, he had been part of an attack of some visiting sidhe from the Seelie court who had gotten lost in the seemy side of LA.  The sidhe were losing the resulting fight, then Ringo agreed to switch sides if he got a wish.

The sidhe agreed, and Ringo gunned down his gang, saving them.  Since the sidhe had promised and could not be fore sworn, the poured wild magic - pure power - into Ringo so that the human's will gave shape to the magic. In his early teens, Ringo's will apparently wanted him to appear as the fiercest, frightening, thing around. The magic gave him his wish - inhumanly long heavily muscled arms, a huge chest, an elongated face to accommodate a collection of razor teeth. By both human and sidhe standards he was a monster. Among the lesser fae, he was just one of the guys.

He left gang life behind, and joined Grey's, where he specialized in bodyguard work. He was married to his childhood sweetheart, and they had three children. His oldest daughter, Amira, looked eerily like his mother in the only picture he had of her - as a 13 year old. By 15 his mother had been a junkie, at 17 she was dead. Ringo lived by the creed that being on drugs was worse than dead.