Raimundo Alvera
Name Raimundo Alvera
Appearance tall; dark; slender; hands look too big for his slender shoulders; solid brown eyes; full mouth
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Police officer
Book(s) A Kiss of Shadows
Detective Raimundo Alvera is a member of police department in Los Angeles.

A Kiss of ShadowsEdit

Detective Raimundo Alvera is the one to interrogate Meredith after the death of Alistair Norton. He doesn't trust her story and don't believe that any lust spell could work. He behaved for hours during the interrogation, but then starts to be sexually insulting. He admits it's because being polite didn't help him to find anything. Meredith offers him that she will prove the lust spell is working and asks his permission to touch him, in exchange she asks him to swear he will bring in narcotics, should the spell work. Alvera agrees.

Meredith traces Branwyn's Tears on his mouth. At first, Alvera seems to be able to control his lust, but when Meredith runs her finger over her breast, Alvera loses control and starts kissing her and presses her against the  table, spreading more of Branwyn's Tears on himself. He fights those police officers who tear him away from Meredith.