Name Mirabella
Appearance tall; lovely; black and white nightflyer's tentacle as right arm; brown hair in neat bun; olive-green eyes with hint of brown and grey
Race Human living in faerie
Gender Female
Title --
Family --
Age stayed too long in faerie to leave it
Court Sluagh
Status Alive
Book(s) Swallowing Darkness

Mirabella is a human and a court seamstress of the Sluagh.

Swallowing DarknessEdit

Mirabella was once a seamstress of the Seelie Court. Taranis tried to seduce her, but she resisted (because for fittings he had to drop his illusions and because she was holding metal pins). Enraged by her resistance, Taranis cut off her right arm and drove her out of his court since she was useless with only one arm as seamstress . At that point, Mirabella was already living in faerie for fifty years and all those years would have caught up with her once she left the faerie.

Some members of the Seelie Court didn't agree with their king's decision and ladies of the court took Mirabella to the Unseelie Court. But Queen Andais refused to take useless one-handed seamstress. King Sholto of Sluagh accepted Mirabella to his court without questions, later he told her the Sluagh would find some use for her even if she stayed one-handed. Seelie ladies made Sholto promise Mirabella wouldn't be harmed at his court.

Henry, doctor at Sluagh court, was able to transplant a tentacle from a nightflyer as a replacement for her missing arm.

Mirabella (with Sholto's permission) still takes commissions from those ladies of the Seelie Court who saved her life. She also makes clothes for Sholto (most of the rest of Sluagh walks around naked).

In Swallowing Darkness after Sholto and Meredith are crowned and along with Doyle and Mistral receive weapons from skeletal brides, they all move to Sholto's office. A servant, Bebe, brings a lovely coat made from leather scraps for Meredith (which fits he perfectly) made by Mirabella. Sholto explains that Mirabella had a dream months before that he would take a queen soon and she would be this size.

Mirabella with help by Una makes a coat for Mistral before the mirror call from Besaba, Doyle wears a red outfit Mirabella made for Sholto, but Andais thought it too colorful and Sholto never wore it again. Mirabella also provides boots for Mistral, which she admits were made by Tully, a leprechaun who has been courting her for a hundred years.