Meredith Gentry


Meredith Gentry or Meredith NicEssus


Red "Sidhe-scarlet" hair like garnets or rubies, tricolor eyes in gold, jade green and emerald green, light skin. Five feet tall.


Sidhe, brownie, human




Besaba's Bane,
Child of Peace,
Princess of Flesh and Blood,
Queen of the Sluagh,
Queen of the Unseelie court,


Essus (father-deceased)
Besaba (mother)
Cel (cousin-deceased)
Andais (aunt)
Taranis (granduncle)
Hettie (grandmother, deceased)
Uar the Cruel (grandfather)
Cair (cousin, deceased)
Eluned (aunt)
Alastair Essus Dolson Winter (son)
Gwenwyfar "Wynne" Joy Tempest Garland(daughter)
Tegan Bryluen "Tegan Rose" Mary Katherine (daughter)
Sholto (husband/king of the Sluagh)
Doyle (husband/king of the Unseelie court)
Galen (king)
Rhys (king)
Frost (king)
Mistral (king)
Kitto (king)
Royal (king)


33 (A Kiss of Shadows)




Unseelie, Seelie, The Sluagh



Meredith Gentry is a faerie princess turned private investigator.

In the book A Lick of Frost, it is discovered that she is pregnant with twins, each of whom have three fathers (presumably faeries conceive differently from humans).

She has held several faerie crowns. In Swallowing Darkness, she was crowned Queen of the Sluagh by Faerie, and soon was formally recognized by the Sluagh as Sholto's queen. She was also crowed Queen of the Unseelie Court. She later gave up that throne (as did Doyle, her king) in exchange for Frost's life.


Meredith Gentry develops different powers over the course of the series.

Hand of Flesh Edit

In A Shiver of Light, Merry uses her uses her power, Hand of Flesh, to injure Taranis. The first time she uses it against Taranis is when he calls her to a dream. Once the dream ends he was perfectly fine. The second time she uses it against him, he traps her in a realistic dream with the intent to spell her to love him. She figures it out and calls the Hand of Flesh against him disfiguring his arm in reality.

Hand of Blood Edit

In A Caress of Twilight she develops the capability to make something or someone bleed at will. This power is called The Hand of Blood.

In Swallowing Darkness, Merry uses her powers to kill, and when using The Hand of Blood she thinks "die" instead of "bleed" and her opponent dies.

Sexual Powers Edit

In A Kiss of Shadows, when she is given Branwyn's Tears, (a powerful, magical aphrodisiac), she unlocks most of her powers. She restores her boyfriend's shape-shifting powers after having sex with him.

Personality Edit

Meredith is very independent in all areas of life, including her sex life.


Meredith Gentry's lovers to date: