Maeve Reed




natural appearance: white blonde hair, blue eyes run through with copper lightning, sun kissed skin.






exiled goddess, movie actress


Liam Reed (Son)

Originally called Conchenn, a member of the Seelie Court, she was exiled from Faerie by King Taranis when she refused to marry him.  When he demanded a reason for her refusal, she told him she thought him sterile, and a sterile king was a death sentence for the court.  She was exiled and the court was told her name was forbidden.  As a child, Meredith was almost beaten to death by Taranis when she asked what had become of Conchenn.

She became Maeve Reed, the Golden Goddess of Hollywood, who for four decades ruled American cinema as its biggest star.  She married Gordon Reed, her director, and a human, whom she truly loved.  When Gordon was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she approached  Meredith Gentry, and asked for a fertility ritual that would help her conceive a child with her dying husband.  Merry and Galen performed the ritual successfully.

Taranis, however, feared that Maeve had revealed his secret to other Sidhe and released the Hungry Ones, the ghosts of dead gods, and the Nameless, a mass of terrible magics removed from the Sidhe during the last weirding, and aimed them at Maeve in an attempt to kill her. She was rescued from the Nameless by Merry and her men. 

After her husband's death, she fled to Europe for the duration of her pregnancy to avoid any further assassination attempts, leaving her estate guest house to Merry and her men.