Jeremy Grey
Name Jeremy Grey
Appearance Grey skin,
grey eyes
triangular face
a large hooked nose
Four feet eleven inches tall
Race Trow
Gender Male
Title --
Family --
Age Over 400
Nicknames --
Court exiled
Status Alive

Jeremy Grey is Meredith Gentry's boss and the head of The Grey Detective Agency.  Jeremy was cast out from the trow lands  as a boy.  According to Divine Misdemeanors, his crime had been the theft of a single spoon, and the Trow had been puritanical in their view.

While with the Unseelie Court a sidhe, going by the name Tamlyn (the fae version of John Smith), burned the shape of a wyrm into the skin of Jeremy's back.  He bears a grudge against the Unseelie for their treatment of him.  

Jeremy has altered his appearance somewhat, getting caps for his teeth and dressing in designer suits and clothes to better fit in among the humans.  He has adopted  an Americanized accent, though when he loses his cool he has a touch of a brogue.  Jeremy remains a talented magician, though he does not have the power of one of the sidhe.  

A Kiss of ShadowsEdit

Jeremy serves as magical backup while Merry is working the Alistair Norton case, though he is unable to break through the protections on the house.

Jeremy attempts to get Merry to the airport before the sluagh can find her.  Their van is waylaid before they reach the airport, but Jeremy again tries to stall Sholto while Merry runs for her life.

When the Princess returns to LA, Jeremy accepts her back as an employee and hires several of her bodyguards as well.