Hedwick is a member of the Seelie Court. He acts as Taranis' personal secretary and liason for lesser fey and humans of less than ambassadorial rank..

A Caress of TwilightEdit

Hedwick made a mirror call to Meredith with a brusk invitation to the Seelie Yule ball, he never looked up from his paper work to deliver it. When   Meredith responded with a flat 'no' he was shocked enough to finally pay her some attention. His expression was one of astonishment, but "His voice dripped with disdain."  When she confirmed her identity and reiterated her refusal he accused her of histrionics.  He informed her the High King demanded her presence. She replied the Unseelie had no High King.

Hedwick was utterly confused by her refusal. He was very good at following orders, toadying to those who ranked him, and playing errand boy. He was not at all good at independent thought.

She reminded him he was a lowly functionary, that he had been deliberately insulting, and that he was no more than a minor functionary. Important invitations are sent to court royals through Dame Rosmerta. When he responded that she did not merit the attentions of Rosmerta, she had Doyle end the call.