Name Gwenwyfar Joy Tempest Garland
Appearance baby blue eyes with darker blue lines; curly, white hair; one arm has metallic lightning from shoulder to wrist
Race -------
Gender Female
Title -------
Family Merry (mother)
Rhys (father)
Galen (father)
Mistral (father)
Alastair (brother)
Tegan Rose (sister)
Age Newborn
Nicknames Wynne
Court -------
' -------

Gwenwyfar Joy Tempest Garland, known as Wynne for short, is the first born of Princess Meredith's triplets, she weighed 7 pounds.

She was born with a cloud of white curls and deep blue eyes. On her arm was a birthmark almost like matallic lace; a branch of forked lightning that flashed gold and silver in the light and ran almost from shoulder to wrist.

Gwynwyfar comes from the Welsh spelling of Guinevere and it was chosen by Rhys. Joy is a reflection of Merry's nickname and was chosen by Galen. Tempest was chosen by Mistral as a reflection of himself. Garland because it is a wreath of flowers reflecting victory and special occasions and for Judy Garland to reflect reflect Rhys's love of old movies. The name was chosen by Galen and Rhys.

Wynne seems to have a weaker version of Mistral's power. When she threw a tantrum outside, she was able to bring forth some clouds and a few rain drops.

When a dog came to Wynne, it's fur turned snow white and it had razor-sharp teeth. It was a Galleytrot, a ghost dog that traditionally chased travelers on lonely roads and haunted lonely places.