Name Griffin
Appearance Thick copper-red wavy hair to his shoulders, white skin, tricolored eyes, brown around the pupil, gold and bronze with a dimple in one cheek. Six feet three inches.
Race Unseelie Sidhe
Gender Male
Title ------
Family ------

Griffin is one of the Queen's Ravens.  Griffin was chosen as Merry's consort by her father, Essus.  He and Merry were engaged for seven years though no children came of the match.  Griffin cheated on Merry and broke her heart.  Once Merry refused to have him back he was required to resume the guard's vow of celibacy.

A Kiss of ShadowsEdit

Queen Andais chooses Griffin to be her spy in Merry's bed as a test.  When Merry and her guards find Griffin waiting for her in the lobby, Meredith refuses Griffin and contacts the Queen to have him replaced.  Griffin cannot believe that he was refused and in vengeance, he sells explicit photos of himself and Meredith to the tabloids.

Griffin is now on the run from the Queen and the court.