Gordon Reed was at one time a powerful Hollywood director. He had taken the young fae actress, recently banished from faerie, and moved her from small parts to stardom.  It was under his direction that his new wife, Maeve Reed, became the Golden Goddess of Hollywood.

When Meredith Gentry and her men met him over four decades later, he was so eaten away by illness that Merry needed a few minutes to recognize him - his skin was sallow, his eyes sunken - Meredith wondered how it must be to watch his youth fade, his body die, while the wife he loved remained always perfect.  Tragically, the immortal loved him, truly loved him, and as his life faded, she became desperate to have his child.

With Merry's help, a successful fertility right was performed and Gordon, who had less than three months to live, fathered a child on his wife. 

He was last seen alive fleeing his estate in Holmby Hills with his wife and bodyguard after the attack of the Nameless.