Name Gethin
Appearance black skin; dark, shiny eyes; razor-sharp teeth; impossibly long ears (compared to those on a donkey or rabbit)
Race --
Gender Male
Title --
Family --
Age --
Court Sluagh
Status Alive
Book(s) A Kiss of Shadows

Swallowing Darkness

Gethin is a member of Sluagh. He grins a lot and wears loud Hawaiian shirts and shorts.

A Kiss of ShadowsEdit

Meredith Gentry first meets him when she is chased down in Los Angeles by nightflyers after the Sluagh were sent to kill her. Gethin was near an entrance to a bookshop, and at first Meredith mistook him for a human.

When Sholto joined them shortly after the night-hags, Gethin tried to get closer to Meredith, but she threatened to shoot Sholto unless Gethin moved back, which he does when Sholto commanded him to do so. Before departing for a hotel to discuss possible alliance with Meredith, Gethin asked Sholto what he should do and  Sholto orders him to help night-hags with the wounded Segna.

When Meredith tried to flee the hotel after using her Hand of Flesh on Nerys, Gethin was downstairs in the hotel lobby blocking her way to back entrance.

Meredith presumed he was the one to quote a sentence from children story The Three Little Pigs  when she wards herself inside ladies' room of the hotel.

Gethin waved at Meredith in the Unseelie court when her new power was introduced to the nobles, and Sholto stood as a witness of Meredith using The Hand of Flesh.

Swallowing DarknessEdit

When Sholto and Meredith entered the Sluagh mound with the wounded Mistral, wild magic was all around them. Meredith encouraged the Sluagh to touch the wild magic, so it became what they wanted and needed. Gethin was the first one to come forward and touch the magic and to his great delight, a Each Uisge appeared.