Name Galen Greenhair
Appearance Green hair with a long single braid, green eyes the color of spring grass, and a faint green tinge to his pale skin. Six feet.
Race Sidhe, pixie
Gender Male
Title -----
Family Gwenwyfar "Wynne" Joy Tempest Garland (daughter)
Age About 100 years
Nicknames Green Knight
Court Unseelie
Status Alive

Galen is half sidhe and half pixie, though his father was summarily executed for seducing one of the Queen's handmaidens before they realized the seduction resulted in a pregnancy.


Galen - Green Knight

The youngest member of the Queen's Ravens and one of the youngest of the sidhe. He is only 70 years older than Merry, and she stated that was like being raised together among the sidhe.

He was Merry's first crush and she once hoped her father Essus would choose Galen as her consort.  But although Essus liked Galen, he realized the younger man was likable but naive when it comes to court politics. To make him king would be to sign his death warrant.

Unusually among the Ravens, he voluntarily cut his hair, leaving only one thin braid of length.

He was one of the first five Raven's given to Merry by the queen in an effort to get her with child. He was however singled out by Prince Cel for punishment, and nearly had his manhood destroyed by the raveges of the demi-fey. Once healed, however, he joined the ranks of Merry's lovers and helped complete a fertility ritual for Maeve Reed and her husband.

He is continually called 'the green man' by Cel and by King Taranis who see him as the 'green man'  of a prophecy once heard by Cel.

Mistral's KissEdit

He is ambushed and nearly killed by Cel's Crane guard.

A Lick of FrostEdit

In A Lick of Frost, he is revealed to be one of the fathers of Merry's children.