Frances Norton
Name Frances Norton
Appearance small; few inches over five feet; shoulder-length curly blond (possibly dyed) hair; extraordinary big blue eyes; thick and black eyebrows; dark lashes
Race Human
Gender Female
Family Alistair Norton (husband)
Age --
Status Alive
Book(s) A Kiss of Shadows

Frances Norton was wife of Alistair Norton.  She was small, at 5 foot 2 or 3. She had slightly curly boonde hair cut shoulder length with large blue eyes - "pretty in a girl next door kind of way" - but with dark brows and lashes that made Merry wonder how natural her hair color was.  When she first appeared in story she was huddled and hunched as if waiting for a blow to fall, and she shook hands as if she were afraid to be touched.

A Kiss of ShadowsEdit

Alistair Norton put a death spell on Frances, Jeremy Grey claimed it is the nastiest death spell he had ever seen. Meredith could feel the spell before touching her, but when they made contact, the spell tried to spread to Meredith, breaching her shields as if they were not there. With a great deal of effort and concentration, Merry was able to push it off herself and leave it on Frances. Frances wanted to be rid of it, it was leaching her power and life away.

She informed Merry and Jeremy that her companion was Naomi Phelps, one of scores of fae blooded mistresses her husband had had. He showed her Poleroids of them all and informed her of everything they could do better than she. When she recognized Noami at a restaurant, she approached her and explained who she was. She thought together they might be able to break Alistair's hold on them. Naomi confirmed that it helped.

After Alistair was tracked and the cult he belonged to shattered, he was killed while attempting to rape Merry.  In the aftermath, Frances and Naomi Phelps moved in together, and were doing well.  They seemed happy, no one was mourning Alistair.