Name Fflur
Appearance Yellow skin, yellow hair and black eyes.
Race Sidhe
Gender Female
Title ------
Family -----
Age -----
Nicknames -----
Court Unseelie
Status Alive
Fflur is a member of the Unseelie Court and the personal healer of Andais.  One of the sidhe who refuses to acknowledge the passing of the centuries, she speaks archaically and still weaves tapestries.  Fflur's taperstries have been featured in several magazines and the St. Louis Art Museum, though she refuses to speak grant any interviews.

Fflur is often called upon to heal others as well.  

A Kiss of ShadowsEdit

After the Roses drink from Meredith, Fflur is called in to treat Meredith's wounds. When Merry loses consciousness, Fflur brings her back to wakefulness  using her powers.