Name Eluned
Appearance Red "Sidhe-scarlet" hair; eyes of green and gold intermingled; more Sidhe looking then Besaba
Race Seelie Sidhe, Brownie, Human
Gender Female
Family Hettie (mother)

Uar the Cruel (father)
Besaba (twin sister)
Artagan (husband)
Cair (daughter)

Eluned is a member of the Seelie Court, daughter of Uar the Cruel and Hettie, twin of Besaba. Eluned is married to Artagan, who got her pregnant after only one night. They have an only child together - daughter named Cair.

Swallowing DarknessEdit

Eluned is the one to approach her niece Meredith asking for explanation, when the latter led the wild hunt to the Seelie court and called Cair a kin slayer. Upon learning that Cair caused Hettie's death, Eluned explains to her daughter that all the name-calling she has done towards Hettie was a pretense for the court, but she secretly visited her mother. Eluned renounces her daughter and leaves the room before Cair is killed.