Name Chattan
Appearance smooth face; lipless cut for mouth; oval, slitted eyes
Race likely part Nightflyer, part Goblin
Gender Male
Family Iomhair (brother)

Tarlach (uncle)
Sholto (cousin)

Court Sluagh
Book(s) Swallowing Darkness

Chattan is a member of Sluagh, brother of Iomhair and cousin to King Sholto.

Swallowing DarknessEdit

Chattan and Iomhair are guarding Sholto's room when Meredith arrives with wounded Mistral. Both brothers are polite and appreciate Meredith's politeness. Chattan is the one who asks if she is really pregnant with Sholto's child. Princess confirms it and feels the conversation was important.

Chattan is again guarding doors to Sholto's room when Meredith and the rest get out of the garden. This time, he is paired up with his uncle Tarlach, a nightflyer. Meredith convinces them she needs to use a phone to call humans and get the Seelie leave the outside of Sluagh sithen. On the way to the room with the phone, however, she feels the need to help Sholto and despite being warned by both Chattan and Tarlach that she looks too sidhe to help their King, she opens a way to the chamber of decision.

Meredith wonders if possibly Ivar or Fyfe was Iomhair's and Chattan's father.