Name Briac
Appearance Long, yellow hair, dark green eyes with a lighter green star in the center
Race Sidhe
Gender Male
Title -----
Family -----
Age -----
Nicknames Brii
Court Unseelie
Status Alive
Briac is a former plant deity and one of the Queen's Ravens.  He accepted exile to LA to be with Merry and her court rather than stay under Andais' power.  His nickname among the sidhe is Brii.

Divine MisdemeanorsEdit

Both he and Ivi were put into an enchanted sleep by the goddess that affected Merry's whole household, so that she and Rhys could work the magic that would creat a new sithin in LA.  They both were terrified to take Merry up on her invitation for the guards to find other lovers until after they had slept with her.

After she and Briac slept together, a cherry tree manifested in the room.  It vanished within a day.