Black Agnes
Name Black Agnes
Appearance Tall, black skin, long talon claws
Race Night-hag
Gender Female
Title -----
Family Nerys the Grey (sister)

Segna the Gold (sister)

Age -----
Nicknames -----
Court Sluagh

Black Agnes was one of three night hags.  Black Agnes was nursemaid to Sholto and later became one of his lovers.  She resented his desire for sidhe flesh.

Mistral's KissEdit

Meredith accidentally went through a conjured door to the Sluagh sithen, and  arrived in the dead garden of the Sluagh.She was there confronted by Sholto, King of the Sluagh, and Lord of That Which Passes Between, and his two night hags, Agnes and Segna. Meredith discovered that Sholto’s tentacles have been cut off by Seelie attackers. The hags believed that Meredith was part of the conspiracy against their king.