Barry Jenkins
Name Barry Jenkins
Appearance Heavy beard shadow
Race Human
Gender Male
Title Photojournalist
Family wife
Age 40s
Nicknames -
Court None
Status Alive
Barry Jenkins is a photojournalist with a personal vendetta against Meredith.  

Jenkins sold pictures of Prince Essus' corpse, and photos of Meredith herself from her father's funeral making her personal grief a career stepping stone for himself.  His photographs of Meredith were nominated for an award, but when she sued,  the courts ruled that Jenkins had exploited a minor, costing him the award and any future profit on unsold photographs.

When he continued to harass her, Meredith used her magic upon him to bring out his worst nightmares. After a brief retreat, he returned with a burning hatred of Meredith. He never forgave her and became more persistent in his pursuit of her story.

Meredith filed a restraining order against him, requiring him to stay at least fifty feet away from her at all times.