Alistair Norton
Name Alistair Norton
Appearance tall; wide shoulders; ordinary brown eyes, thin mouth for Meredith's taste; hair not light but not dark brown
Race Human witch
Gender Male
Family Frances Norton (wife)
Age --
Status Deceased
Book(s) A Kiss of Shadows

Alistair Norton is a known human witch and husband of Frances Norton. He is one of the sidhe worshipers.

A Kiss of ShadowsEdit

Alistair Norton is a human witch who magically seduces part-fey women in order to get their powers through a ritual. One of his mistresses is Naomi Phelps who gets in touch with his wife Frances Norton. Frances helps Naomi to break Alistair's hold on her and in return Naomi tries to help Frances to get rid of the death spell Alistair put on his wife. The women ask for help at the Grey Detective Agency.

Meredith while working undercover, goes on a date with Alistair. He takes her to his house, where they get covered in Branwyn's Tears and go on with foreplay. Meredith notices a cloaked person in the mirror above the bed. That person is a sidhe helping Alistair to gain the powers (later identified as Cel) and whom Alistair worships. That person tries to kill Meredith by breaking the mirror, but she is able to hide under the bed. Alistair, who is at the time distracted by spiders who pour out of a crack inside his back (a spell cast by Doyle) and crawl everywhere including his inside of his mouth, is killed by falling shards.