Name Aisling
Appearance Sun-kissed skin (as if sprinkled with gold dust), Sky Blue eyes with black spirals formed of tiny birds, Gold and Blond ankle-length hair
Race Sidhe
Gender Male
Title King of the Seelie
Age --
Nicknames Terrible Beauty
Court Seelie (banished)
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Aisling was a Seelie lord who was banished by Taranis and fled to the Unseelie court. He joined the Queen's Ravens, but was among those who later lived in exile with Meredith's court.

Earlier Years Edit

He was exiled by Taranis after the Seelie Sithen chose him to be its King. The jealous Taranis banished Aisling rather than bow to the will of the sithen.

A Shiver of LightEdit

After Taranis' fall, the many factions in the Seelie court scrambled to put their candidate on the throne, but when the sithen was allowed to chose the next king, the faerie mound "sang with joy" when Aisling returned. 

Aisling became the new king of the Seelie court, he is the only Seelie ever to be accepted by the golden throng after having served among the Unseelie.

Powers Edit

Known as the “Terrible Beauty,” anyone not protected who gazed upon his uncovered face might fall in love with him to the point of obsession.

Legend stated that anyone who was truly in love could gaze upon his face and not be touched by his power. This was apparently true, as Meredith and Doyle managed to do so without ill effect.

Appearance Edit

Because of his power, he is forced to cover his flesh and wear veils to hide his face.

His eyes aren't the three rings of color common among the sidhe, but a spiral in lines of color, with his pupil at the heart of the design.

His hair is yellow and gold, like streaks of honey.