long hair striped in shades of pale grey, dark grey, black, and white
charcoal grey eyes






Sidhe warrior/Raven



Abloec is a sidhe warrior and is one of the least favored of the Queen's Ravens.

Earlier Years Edit

Abloec was once a god and then a member of the Seelie Court. He was banished when he lost his powers, when he could no longer make courtiers merry with drink and revelry, Taranis used it as an excuse to exile him, although the story told was that he had seduced the wrong woman.

After joining the Unseelie, on the condition that he join the guard, he was now under a vow of celibacy. He spent most of his time trying to be drunk or high, constantly sampling any drink or drug that he could lay his hands on. Because of this he was not trusted and held in contempt by most.

Seduced by Moonlight Edit

Abloec is first introduced in Seduced by Moonlight as one of the guards sent to the airport to escort Meredith home.


After he joined Merry's guard, his ancient cup of horn, set in gold and decorated with symbols few outside of faerie could read, was returned to him. He drank of it, and regained some of his power. He said that it was once his cup from which the chosen ruler of a sithen drank - Taranis had never done so. Neither had Andais.

Trivia Edit

  • In Seduced by Moonlight his name is spelt Abloec, but in Divine Misdemeanors it is spelt Abeloec.