Aben-dul is a sword intended specifically for a wielder of the hand of flesh. It has flesh-colored hilt and aside from being able to cut like a normal sword, it enables its wielder to use the hand of flesh over a distance. If somebody who does not have the hand of flesh touches it, he/she is turned inside out as if the hand of flesh was used on him/her, unless the sword is fully sheathed.

Aben-dul was one of the lost objects.

Swallowing DarknessEdit

Meredith receives the sword from skeletal brides in the chamber of decision in the sluagh mound when she asks for weapons. Doyle warns her to touch the sword only with the hand that has the hand of flesh. When she touches it, the hilt changes and images of what the sword can do appear on it.

Meredith uses the sword on Siobhan.

A Shiver of LightEdit

When trapped by King Taranis in her dream, Meredith wishes for a sword and Aben-dul appears in her hand. When she wakes up, she is holding it as well.


In Swallowing Darkness Meredith notes that the sword did not appear to her father, despite him having the hand of flesh as well. In A Shiver of Light, Aben-dul is said to be her father's centuries ago.